Panasonic SC-PT350 - Views?


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Hello guys

Found this new system on the Panasonic website. I like the idea of the wireless rear speakers to save on wires (note that a extra power socket is required at the back though).

Anyone come across this one and have any views?



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As with all "all-in-one" systems it has very limited connectivity. One optical input so hopefully you do not want to connect much to it. As for wireless rears, they will never replace a fully wired system.
And as with all these type of systems how the hell does it get 500watts out with only 90watts power consumption, and that 90watts is also driving all the other electronics in the unit, it is the old "sounds like again". My Cambridge Audio AV amp has 500watts output with 650watts power consumption, I know which one I believe will give the rated output.
As for price I can would not complain, but do remember is one part fails it will be a case of dumping the lot.
Do go round and listen to all these systems, NEVER read the specs, seek advice from a AV specialist (NOT Currys or Comets), think through what you may want to connect to it now and in the future, and get what sounds good for you and your pocket.

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