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Panasonic SC-PT 850 - TH-42PX60 Sky HD - Set-up. HELP, PLEASE.


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Need your help, PLEASE, to set up Surround sound (SC-PT850) with Sky HD and TH-42PX60. I am new, so please ignore my naivety.
Could any kind and helpful person please tell me what 'connections' I need to make with the above set up to achieve 'surround sound'?
I have the following set-up:
HDMI AV 1 HDMI lead to SC-PT850
HDMI 2 HDMI lead to Sky HD
Fibre Optic Cable = SC-PT850 to Sky HD
Component L White and R Red from SC-PT850 to Sky HD (speakers?)
Sky HD RF1 Aerial lead to a VCR (Panasonic) RF IN, aerial lead from RF OUT to TV. Hope that makes some kind of sense?
When I switch off the SC-PT850 = no sound. Sound only works when the device is switched on. I have enabled the VIERA link and the audio from the HDMI menu on the SC-PT850.
I was told by a TV engineer that I would only receive surround sound when Sky broadcast it. And that I would only be able to receive sound via Sky from two speakers (stereo) when Sky are not broadcasting in surround sound. Is this true?

Perhaps someone has a similar set-up that they would be kind enough to share???

Take care,


I managed to solve the Sky 5.1 sound problem by linking it directly to the cinema system with a scart, which works on all channels and brodcasts. Although I have now run into an issue when trying to listen to 5.1 sound from the TV.

I have a Panasonic SC-PT450 cinema system, a TH-42PX700 TV and a Sky box (not HD). I have hooked up the PT450 to the PX700 with an HDMI cable which gives me great picture & sound when playing a DVD, but not the other way around. I tried audio leads from the TV to the PT450 but this only gives me 2 channels of sound. The only way I could get 5.1 sounds from my sky box was to link it to the cinema system directly with a scart.

I doubt if this is the correct way of doing things but I found Panasonic's set-up guides for both systems extremely difficult to understand so spent a good part of the weekend plugging and unplugging leads.

What does your optical lead do?


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Your support is really appreciated.
I agree with you about Panasonic's set-up guides for both systems extremely difficult to understand.
I have followed your advice and plugged a scart lead into the, ‘TV Scart’ socket on the Sky HD box to the SC-PT850 ‘AV Socket’. This appears to work! I think…
Now, whilst watching Sky TV, I receive sound from all the speakers. I have also checked out the DVD and the sound is also present in all five speakers… so far so good!

Interestingly when I unplugged the, ‘White’ and ‘Red’ audio leads from the Sky HD to the SC-PT850 = no sound, when watching Sky TV… plugged them back in and sound is restored.

‘What does your optical lead do?’ – my honest answer is, ‘I don’t know’. When the Sky guy came to set up SKY HD, he told me that all I needed to receive, ‘surround sound 5.1’ was a, ‘Fiber Optic Audio Cable’, ‘Just plug it in to the Sky Box and the SC-PT850 and away you go’. So, I plugged it in and away I went looking for an aspirin! It appears that it does nothing, but what do I know.
I feel that there is a simple solution to this problem???
Once again, your help is very much appreciated.
Take care,

Hmmm Technology

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I also agree that the manual is useless but so are the people on the customer helpline!

I am having a similar problem, any help would be much appreciated!

I have the SC-PT470 which I am trying to connect to my Samsung UE46 B8000 TV, Sky+ and Virgin cable box.

Currently the Sky+ and Virgin box are connected to the TV via scart and the SC-PT470 via HDMI. I'm trying to get it so that I can use the 5.1 speakers for all 3 devices. The Audio Optical wire doesn't seem to carry the sound like it's meant to so need to find an alternative way of getting the sound. I wish it would because the sound is meant to be better quality if connected through the optical wire rather than the scart.

Please can anyone help, I feel like i've spent the better half of a century trying to resolve this problem!

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