Panasonic SC-HT900



I purchased this system having read the glowing reviews on this forum. I only have one word to say about this system...........Fantastic!!!
I got the system home and compared the sound of this new system next to my £1900 separate system. To do this i blind folded the wife(nothing kinky here honest!!!) and kept stopping and starting both systems with exactly the same disc in both. To her credit she easily managed to pick out the £1900 system as the best system,but was very,very impressed on how the £400 all in one unit could hold it's own next to such a expensive system. Don't get me wrong here,i could pick faults with the system all day,but i'm thinking of exactly what you get for your money and weather it's worth it or not.
I've now got this system in another room connected up to a 403 DVD disc changer,giving me a total of 408 discs to play around with without leaving the comfort of my chair,while watching movies on a 80 inch screen.Am i happy with my purchase? Oh yes,and more.Is this system worth the money? I think this system would be hard to beat for £400 and that includes separates.
Thankyou to those who recommended this system,without your help i wouldn't have even given the Panasonic a second glance.
I bought the Panasonic SC-HT900 also, I now have retired my separate system, the, only down side IMO is the large foot print of the DVD Player, the sound quality is great though.
I was fed up with a Hi-Fi dominating my room so I went for this all in one system.


[email protected],
I use this system more than my separates,and can honestly say i'm not missing them one bit. I am amazed at the quality of sound this system pushes out for £400. I come home from work at 10pm and within an hour i'm in my kids play room watching a movie at _10db.This is something i was never able to do b4 as my child was in bed,but being as this system is in a room on the side of the house i can now have my movies on as loud as i like.
I can't praise this system enough,if anyone is looking to buy an all in one system i strongly urge you to buy this one. I've had this system for two weeks now and i am still over the moon.

The Wife and I love the system, we had to put the separates away months again as they were a magnet to our 4 children who 3 are under 3 years old.

I bought the SC-HT900 as I wanted to completely refurbish our lounge, hopefully wall mounting the speakers and hiding as much as possible.

It's a large project as our lounge needs re plastering and I need to plan everything so there are not any wires showing and I have everything that I want, where I want it.

Hopefully, funds allowing I will have a Plasma or a LCD on the wall :D

Back on Topic, I also highly recommend this all in one


Good look with the plastering m8,i know exactly what your going thru with your kids,i'm just thankful that my 4yr old knows it's a very,very bad idea to touch my AV equipment. Just wait till you have to put on films like Nemo,Shrek, and Ice age over and over again for them,you'll need a seperate system just for them.I'm dreading the point in which my kid wants a TV in her bedroom...........I think i'll start saving for her plasma now.
seriously tho,keep me informed on how your upgrade goes,i'm starting to feel so jealous about your future plans.
I'd actually love to hear a negative comment about the Panasonic system b4 i award it best value all in one system EVER!!


Good Luck, I hope it does not stop reading DVD's in a few years like my SC-HT80. I would never buy a Panasonic product again. I am very unhapply having spent $ 600.00 + on a system that will not read DVD's. The Panasonic Customer support is no support.

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