Panasonic SC-HC55DB - DAB cuts out?


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Hi, I was bought this radio/CD/iPod system for my birthday and it's a great looking bit of kit nad has good sound. The big problem I have is getting the DAB radio to play for anything longer than a few minutes!!
I originally connected it to my existing TV aerial, but after consulting a company to see what they suggested, I bought and fitted a DAB single element dipole aerial and a run of RG58, 50 ohm cable. This didn't make much difference, except I pretty much lost the FM reception! I have since noticed a bit on the back of the set stating to use 75ohm cable; not sure if thsi would make any great difference? According to the uk digital coverage website, my local stations shouldn't be a problem, but the stations still cut out after a few minutes? Any suggestions? Different cable, booster, different aerial? Any suggestions as to what I could try would be welcome.



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Is your TV aerial horizontal and the DAB dipole set to vertical polarization ?
I have an external DAB dipole near the eaves and it works fine 99% if the time. Get nothing at all from an indoor antenna.



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Hi Luggsie,

Yes my TV aerial is up near the eaves and is vertical and my DAB aerial is on the horizontal plane as I read that's how it should be. The DAB aerial is on the same level as my sat dish though as I don't have a ladder long enough to reach the eaves, but this is above my garage. I read somewhere it didn't matter so much as to where on the house it was positioned, as long as it was at least 3 foot away from other sources of possible interference, so it's about a good 6 foot away from the dish.
Just as another point to my original post, I can now get my FM signal, it's still just the DAB signal that goes after a few minutes?


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not sure if DAB is always vertical, but that seems to be the assumption on the web pages I've looked at.

DAB is always vertical - not an assumption.

From FAQs | Get Digital Radio - aerials

'All DAB aerials must be vertically polarised.'

and useful doc on DAB aerials

4.1 Polarisation
DAB signals are transmitted using vertical
polarisation (which aids mobile reception). To
maximise the efficiency of your antenna system,
the antenna should be aligned to receive
vertically polarised signals (i.e. the rods of the
antenna should be vertical).
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