Panasonic SC-BTT270 without home cinema


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Hi guys and Merry Christmas, I'm hoping you can help me.

I've just bought myself the Panasonic SC-BTT270 blu-ray home cinema system. I also have a panasonic 42" tv. We are due to move home in about a month so I'm not up for trailing wires around the lounge that I'll need to unwire again in a few weeks.

The problem I'm having is that no matter what I do I can't get the sound to come out of the TV. Picture is fine (I was upsold a monster cable).

Surely it's possible to use the blu-ray player without the surround sound?
However I really do think I've tried everything with both the tv settings and the blu-ray settings.

Help please!


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Ok additional. Seems to be my iphone4 is somehow causing it. When I take it out of the cradle I have sound when the iphone is put back in I can find my music but when I play any nothing but silence
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