Panasonic SC-BT200EB not readin BR Discs


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Purchased the Panasonic SC-BT200EB system in 2009 and very happy!!
Woke up today and tried to play a BR DISC AND SAID UNABLE TO READ.....Disc is clean i.e no scratches! Tried several ..nup.
It does spin up as if its tryin to read the disc, but gives up after so long.
Plays DVD's and CD,s no bother.
I haven't did the obvious and cleaned the BR head so will purchase a cleaner for the system.
Anybody else had probs as i look after my gear so am not a happy gadget bro the now!!



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I had the same problem with the BT200 - it would play CDs/DVDs but not BRs. There was also a 'clicking sound' and well as whizzing and 'shuffling' noises from within the drawer as it attempted to read the BRs.

Richer Sounds repaired mine, luckily I had the 5 year warrantee, otherwise it would have cost about £300 to repair.

Full details in this thread - hope it helps.
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Hi friend,

Cheers for givin me this info.
Guess what ......don't have a ext war' . its not moved from my enclosed no bumping the machine.
I don't know what to do as i always look after my gear but i'm starting to feel sick when u mentioned the repair costing £300:(

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