Panasonic SC-BT100 & Wireless Speakers - How to get them to work?


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Hi there,

I have just bought the wireless set up and speakers to go with my Panasonic SC-BT100 and can't for the life of me get them to work.

The manual says that either w2s or w4s should appear on the front of the system when they are both on, but neither appears.

I have checked that everything is plugged in correctly and the light on the wireless amp is green and turns red if I turn the SC-BT100 off, so guess that there is some sort of communication.

Does anyone have this setup working? Is there something fundamental I'm missing?

Any help much appreciated

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Actually we had the same issue when we set ours up - can't actually remember how we fixed it.

Can only say keep perservering, re do everything step by step - switch it all off and start again and make sure the card is fully inserted at the rear.


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Just to let you know that I solved it (or at least my missus did :) ). For anyone else having the same problem there is one vital step missing from the instructions you get with the surround speakers and amp, and that is that you have to enter the setup menu on the sc-bt100, then go to sounds and on the page where you can set the volume and delays for the speakers (where the surround speakers aren't shown) you can actually select the area where the surround speakers should be and turn them on. Do that and it all falls into place!

Why this step is missing from the 'simple' 3 step installation guide in the manual I don't know!?

Anyway, I hope this helps someone



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Hi i am thinking of buying the extra wireless speakers and would like to no where you purchised them from please as i cannot find many places which sell them.


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There is a reasonably ok guide on the Panasonic website about setting up the wireless speakers. If I had not read it before getting my system I would probably have been scratching my head for a while!
Panasonic - ideas for life - Blu Ray - Blu Ray Home Cinema - SC-BT100 - Manuals

As for the wireless kit and speakers, you can get them from Panasonic shops and I know Lakes stock them too, and I have seen them on Amazon before.
Whenever I enquired in Lakes or Panasonic before buying my kit they would throw the speakers in with the wireless kit, but then I was buying it at the same time as the SC-BT100 system.


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I bought them direct from the Panasonic website. The price seemed ok and delivery was within a few days.

Thanks for the guide, that was exactly what was needed, shame they don't provide that with either the system or the wireless kit!

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