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I needed an active sub and managed to swap a pair of LG surround speakers for a Panasonic SB-WA310. Problem is the only input is a 25 pin cable.

I've searched the web and can't find a pin diagram so I can find the right wires to connect the sub line out from my av amp.

Is there any way to find out which pins to use?



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Well I figured it out. And it's a great sub!

Since Panasonic kindly refused to identify the wires or pins for me, I found the correct one by first opening the 25 pin connector and noticing that 5 if the wires were signal/grnd pairs in black insulation. Then I broke into the cable 1/2 way along it, played a dolby digital dvd in the dvd unit for some sub channel output, and then cut each black wire bombsquad style until the sub sound was cut off).

In the somewhat unlikely event that anyone else ever wants to use this sub, which is from the Panasonic SA-HT500 and similar home theatre systems, as an active unit for an AV amp, and 'cos I had fun making it work, here's how....

You need the dvd unit, you can't use the sub without it.

Plug in the 25pin cable to both dvd unit and sub, With the power disconnected carefully break into the 25 pin cable insulation somewhere along its length.

Expose at least 2 inches of shielding.

Cut half the shielding to expose the cables within.

5 of the 7 black cables contain a coloured wire with bare ground wire, these are the line-ins for the amps in the sub unit.

One of these 5 contains a blue wire and bare ground wire, this is line-in for the sub.

You'll have carefully strip the insulation off each each black wire in turn to find the blue wire/grnd pair. Cut it and strip back the end that's connected to the sub.

Connect the sub lineout from your amp to the blue/grnd pair, as long as the 25 pin cable is connected to both dvd unit and sub, and the dvd unit is on, you now have an active sub that can put out 100w rms I think :thumbsup:.
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Here's the pinout from the service manual

01 - DVDAC2
02 - DCDET
03 - DVDAC1
04 - SYS6V
05 - MUTE_H
06 - DGND
07 - FRONTR - IN
08 - SUB+B
11 - FRONTL - IN
12 - SURR_L - IN
14 - SURR_R - IN
15 - CENTER - IN
19 - PCONT
21 - SYNC
22 - FL1
23 - SUBAC1
24 - FL2
25 - SUBAC2

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