Panasonic SAXR25


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Hi all. I have a query and as you all seem pretty knowledgable on these forums thought I'd put this one to you.

Does anybody have any views on the above Panny Receiver?

I have a Videologic Digitheatre at the mo, and have had years of good service from it, but thought it time to move up the ladder a little, following the purchase of my Panasonic S75 dvd player the other week.

I am looking at the SAXR25 a) as it matches the dvd player! and b) because space is a real problem, and I do not have room for a full sixe AV receiver. I was obviously looking at the Panasonic speakers to go with it.

I only have a small living room, so power sin't a huge must.

So any views, and does anyone have one?




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Any views? Please...need some help as I am, I admit a bit of newb.

Oh, and would I be able to use the surround speakers of my videologic system with the receiver, until I get another speaker package. What would I need to look out for. Many thanks.


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The Pani is a Digital type amplifier which is why it’s very thin. In terms of sound ability it’s not up with the best in that price range although if space is an issue it’s a god send. There’s also a Pani XR15 which is even thinner and cheaper as it pushes 40w per channel I think. There’s also a Pioneer VSXC301 amp which does sound better but won't match your system and it’s fatter. I used to have the Digi Theatre and moved up to Pani XR15 purely on space issues and added the Tannoy FX5.1 speakers to it. It sound miles better and I mean miles, in a small room such as yours it will shake the neighbors no problem.
Although I know the amp isn't top quality in terms of sound output, it still gives really decent SQ and I also played a few CD through the Small Tannoy speakers and it sound great. But yes you really need to replace your speakers. By the way all this stuff is available at Richer Sounds.

I have no regrets regarding neither the Tannoy FX5.1 System nor the small XR15 amp I bought. In the small room I have all my stuff even at moderate volume the sound is crystal clear through all the channels and the bass loud enough to shake the floorboards above.

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