Panasonic sa-pt90 no sound through tv


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Hi not sure if I posted in the correct place as I'm new! Sorry

Right I have just bought the lg 47lm640t from currys and went to its my panasonic sa-pt90 home theatre but can't get sound from the tv??? This used to work through my old lg plasma via av ! On the 640 there is no scart! Just a euro scart, I tried the adaptor and nothing

I then tried the hdmi via arc and still nothing!

In both cases the DVD works and plays perfectly with sound and picture just cannot get sound from the tv???



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Connect the TV audio out (optical, stereo, scart, even headphone socket) to an equivalent audio in on the home cinema.

If they don't have a common audio interface, swap either the TV or the home cinema for one that does.


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Hi :hiya:
Its a pain as LG's Simplink is not fully compatible with Panasonics Viera link
Some options work such as powering up the Panasonic switches the TV on but does not change to correct input
Switching off TV also switches the Panasonic off
But the ARC doesn't work
I use a Optical lead from my LG TV to my Panasonic Home Theatre.
As its only Digital stereo output , you will need to select DPL Movie mode on Panny to get 5 channel surround.
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