Panasonic S75 - Is it broken?


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Hi all. I have the above DVD player - it is about 20 months old. Recently I have been watching films and the picture starts breaking up (blocking etc) - on one disc it did it occasionally and only very slightly. Put it down to dirt on the disc. Yesterday, on a brand new disc, it happened really badly, and eventually the whole disc just stopped, and the player locked up. Could not play, eject...nothing. I tried the disc on my xbox, and worked fine, so eliminated the discs.

Is my DVD player on the way out, or does it just sound like a dirty lense. Any ideas? :lease:




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I have a similar problem with a cheap Daewoo we have. With it, the solution is to unplug it for a few minutes (5 or more) then plug it back in and it works fine. It's very much like a computer lock up and completely removing power restores it to default condition.

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How well is the set ventillated?
Your symptoms do suggest laser failure or just the laser losing calibration. That could be prolonged excess heat or you have just been unlucky.


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Thanks for the replies. Interesting you should mention ventilation. I have the matching XR45 digital amp. As the dvd player and receiver are bedfellows, and due to a lack of space, the receiver is sitting in top of the dvd player.

I did it this way, as the receiver's instructions were pretty clear about not placing anything on top of it.

The receiver does get VERY hot to the touch on top - I felt I had made the right decision. Although now I am concered that may be contributory to my current problem.

Ideally I would have each piece of equipment on different shelves, but if that is not an option, is it Receiver on top of DVD, or the other way round?

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