Panasonic S75 Error



I'm new to this so go easy!! Had a Panasonic DVD-S75 for about 3 weks and have noticed that it takes around 30-60s to initially recognise a disc, is this normal?

A more worrying point is that the DVD, after recognising the disc and displaying the initial copyright on blue background stuff and before the menu is reached, is repeatedly spinning up and then stopping (chugging) for around 90s while PLAY is displayed on the front panel, the image on the TV is black, then H05 is displayed on the panel and it continues chugging for 60s then displays H05 again and stops displaying STOP and the TV image returns to the standard DVD Audio/Video Test screen. Occasionally it will break out of this and get to the menu. If i then press play it starts at the beginning of the movie! I have tried with a number of discs (all R2) and these all work fine on a Pioneer DVD-rom drive.

I have tried reseting the player as described in the manual but to no avail. Is this a common problem, the player is multiregion.

Thanks for any suggestions


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Get a dvd or cd lens cleaner disc. If this doesn't cure your problem then it sounds like the dvd drive is faulty (worn or failing laser).
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