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Hiya guys..

I'm brand new to Plasma televisions and I was wondering if any of you had any settings for this TV that I could use.

The above link is the TV I bought but the 50" inch version from John Lewis.

I've just bought it and it's brand new and sitting here. I'm a bit worried the default settings will cause image retention, or is that a non issue these days?

Could anyone post what settings they use and how can I calibrate the settings to a level better than the defaults.

Also if anyone has any experience using it as a media centre (connected to a pc) is gaming mode the best way to reduce lag?




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Hi James.

I'm in the same boat as you so thought I'd add a reply to keep the thread up on the list! I posted a message in the ST30 owners thread last week (closest model to the one I own as there's no specific "S30 Owners Thread"!!) asking for some advice. Basically if you do a search on the internet you can soon find some suggestions for settings on various forums for this model TV. However I'm confused as they all refer to specific numbers for the contrast, brightness, colour etc. i.e Contrast:56, Brightness:49. On the settings menus on the S30 there are no numbers to refer to though, simply a bar that you can adjust left or right using the remote for each setting! I just wondered whether there's an acknowledged system you use with these sort of things i.e number of clicks from 0 on the bar, or whether I've missed something obvious somewhere and there's a setting that will let me see numerical values for each of the adjustment settings?

From reading other threads, the general advice seems to be to run the TV in for about 150-200 hours on True Cinema mode. If you do a lot of gaming with a static HUD on the screen, just restrict the number of hours and run the scrolling bar setting for a minute or two when you finish. I understand image retention is nowhere near as bad as it used to be in years gone by but the consensus appears to be that you should still take some precautions early on when the set is brand new!

Can't comment on the Media Centre question but do you mean connect the PC directly to the screen via an input or run it over a LAN using DLNA?


PS - If anyone knows the engineer menu access method so you can check hours the plasma has been in use etc, it'd be useful to have it posted here. Thanks.

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