Panasonic remotes unwanted 'link'


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I reorganized my home cinema arrangement for our second home and encountered an unexpected problem. The set-up includes a Panasonic 4K BD player but it will not play Region 1 DVDs of which I have many. These are mostly TV serials and older films that I am NOT planning to upgrade to blu-ray.

I thought I had a simple solution when I installed my old and perfectly working multi-region Panasonic DVD player. But pressing the power button in either Panasonic remote switches on BOTH of them. The 4K player is connected to HDMI 1 of my TV and the DVD player to HDMI 4.

Is there some way that I can "unlink" the two remote controls so that each works only with its own device?


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I found this online:--

"I have more than one recorder/player and my remote is controlling all of my units.​

You will need to change the frequency that your units respond to. This option can be found in the setup menu under Others. You will also need to match the frequency of the remote to the main unit. This can be done by holding the indicated number 1, 2, or 3 and the OK button for 5 seconds."

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