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If sold the wife, the kids and the dog and spent my life savings on a 50" Panny, would the thing break down within 3 years?

There seem to be some scary stories out there. I don't know how old the oldest Panny plasmas are, but is it only a small minority that haven't run reliably for many years?
If you go to the high-street (you know the stores!), they'll tell you that you need to re-gas your plasma every couple of year. After contacting Calor, it seems that this is bit of a misnomer!

Seriously, I've got customers who bought screens many years ago, who were kind enough to test my prototypes of various products, are still using the same screens. I've not heard any horror stories, so feel confident in saying that you'll be fine.

If you're still concerned, then you do have the option of an extended warranty on the screens. Talk this over with a plasma screen specialist. Last time I asked, they were not expensive and much less than "those stores!"

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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