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I'm opening this thread and plan on keeping the bargain prefix permanent since it seems to be regularly that they are offering such good deals, but the deals come and go fast.

So here's the low down on their eBay store deals:

About the store
This is an official Panasonic outlet, not a 3rd party refurbishment. The company that operates the store is based in Oldham, Lancashire and I believe they are simply Panasonic's repair partner in the UK. They refurbish the TVs and sell them discounted on eBay. Most TVs that they receive could be returns from a store..or simply open box models they receive back from retailers with broken packaging. You can get very lucky and get a TV that has not been used at all, but you may also get a refurbished TV with some hours on it. It however will never be many hours. Your mileage may vary.

One year standard warranty
I bought my own TV from them in 2017 for £900 (65" Panasonic DX902 LCD) and whilst it arrived with a HDMI board fault, there was no trouble getting them to collect the TV, repair it and return it after a couple of months. Its certainly worth the risk, in my opinion. Given the DX902 was released in 2016 costing almost £4000, you can see how crazy the deal is.
With the outlet you get the standard 1 year warranty, the same as you would if you bought a new TV from Panasonic. You however do not get the extended 4-5 year extra warranties certain retailers place on top of the standard one year (John Lewis, Richer Sounds). But if the deal is right, the money saved greatly outweighs the warranty.
You an also purchase warranty separately if you want too, but it may come to £100 a year. You can also add or bundle the TV with other home warranties such as home appliance warranty packages. Lastly you can also add the TV to any home insurance you may already be paying, or may have as part of a deal elsewhere. See:

eBay & especially PayPal
If you pay with PayPal on eBay, your purchase is protected. No need to worry if you are dissatisfied as you will be able to get your money back. Its very easy to do and you are protected by PayPal. If you don't use PayPal, use a credit card for purchase protection. See: General Buying Tips for more information.

Catching the deals
This can be the hard part, and I already know people are buying these TVs on eBay and trying to make profit by selling them as "new" condition privately later on. This is a shame, since there are plenty of people who aren't in a position normally to afford a capable HDR TV which could use these instead. To get the deals you have to be quick and you have to be lucky. My tips to catch the deals: 1. They usually refresh stock once or twice a day. This usually happens annoyingly at 3am GMT, but sometimes as late as 4am. They have also refreshed stock in the evening too, but its less common (around 5-6pm I think). To catch the deals you may need to be as fast as 2-3 min when seeing the TV and purchasing it, because someone usually will be there ready to snipe it before you. When I bought my DX902 I had one or two failed attempts beforehand where I was beaten by someone else and this was 3am in the morning! Be prepared to purchase and committed when it happens. If you fail, keep trying. It took me a few weeks to finally get the deal I wanted.

Like with new TVs the pricing of their TVs do fluctuate quite a bit. You can expect that deals on newer models will be less impressive compared to models from the year before. Usually you have to wait at least until December, sometimes later for good deals to appear for the latest TV models. In 2019 that means it probably won't be until December or later that TVs like the GX800, GZ950, GZ1000, GZ2000 start to become reasonable in price. It may even be later. My suggestion is to search eBay for past completed purchases to see what kind of prices the TVs have been selling for if there's no current stock. Not only will this give you price info for recent sales, but it will also tell you when the TV sold. Here is an example search in the past for the Panasonic GZ950: Panasonic TX-55GZ950B 55 Inch SMART 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV Freeview Play 5025232892471 | eBay - As you can see, lots of the same TV have recently sold, usually early morning where people have noticed the deal. This can give you an idea when deals are being purchased and how likely the same deal is to appear in the future. It also gives you an idea what kind of prices you can expect for each TV. Be careful when searching past sales on eBay to be sure to use the exact same model number they use in the outlet, together with the filter for the store "panasonic_outlet" (no quotes). Otherwise you'll get no results, or results from other sources.

Their store website is a bit of a mess and sometimes it can be hard to find the TVs that are listed. I've found this is generally because they have two sections of the website where TVs appear. The links inside the store are often broken. Right now for example this link: is showing the FZ952 for sale, whilst clicking on televisions after visiting the website does not show all the other deals. This link however does: Not only do they have annoying problems with links, but sometimes their TVs don't show up when you search for them direct from eBay's home page, so be wary to check a few places.

Alerts/Sniping tools for eBay
Stupidly you can't rely on eBays own alerts for products, be the alerts mobile app ones or email. They only send out alerts once a day, which by that time the TV you want has already been sold. There are 3rd party services and applications that promise to scan and find you deals automatically, but they have been hit or miss for me and quite complicated to use. I had most success with an app on windows (can't remember which one), after trying various android apps and web based notification/email apps without success. Google is your friend here. Test out different ones with more common searches and see which works for you.

Current deals:

[email protected] £950*Red Hot
65GZ950 @ £1650*Hot
GX700/GX800/GX820 are only mediocre deals. The 50" models seem priced better than the others, but in some circumstances the TVs at 58" and 65" may be good buys for people.*Slightly Hot

Also beware that whilst Panasonic make some decent models, you generally want to avoid the cheaper TVs unless you are looking at the very bottom end of the market. The cheap TVs are rumored to be produced in Turkey by Vestel and don't have a good reputation.

I'll try my best to keep this updated!

Link to Bargain - Sony centre direct refurbished store thread
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