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Hi all, I've just ordered a panny RA-82 to work in conjunction with my E-30, because of course it will play Ram discs :) and I found it for £185 delivered :D . Has anyone else seen an RA-82 playing a Ram disc? How did it cope with edit points and playlists etc?
Thanks for reading.

ps if anyone else would like the link for this machine at £185 let me know, I don't think it will be there for long.


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Is that £185 price for a Multiregion RA-82 ? and link yes please :), Planning maybe after Xmas to get a RA-82 for reason of Transfering DVD-RAM material recorded on E30 back onto DVD-R's by using the RA-82 to playback DVD-RAM.


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Fuel Crusher. If the player is the same as those sold in the USA then the edit points will be subject to a brief pause as there is no seamless playback option on RAM players todate.......Maybe the UK version is different but don't be surprised if it is not...

Fuel Crusher

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Hi malcom, yes I've read that and I'm hoping the RA will be different to the RP. After all its a newer machine, I believe the RP has been out quite a while, and there are differences between the US and UK E30's. I'll reveal all when/if my player turns up.

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