Panasonic PX80 video judder, help!


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I have recently purchased a 37PX80 and at the moment use my Macbook pro DVI-HDMI out to play my upscaled dvds, etc.

Now while the picture quality is very nice, there is a noticeably distracting 'judder' on any camera pan scene, for a tv that is renowned for its motion handling this seems like quite a fundamental flaw so I must be doing something wrong....

My output settings are 1280x720 @ 60Hz, which the tv interprets as 720p (as I would expect). Is this what I should be using or am I missing a trick?

I have found that if I set the output on my mac to 1920x1080 @ 60Hz the tv tells me its 1080i, but @ 50Hz it tells me 1080p.
But at 1280x720 on both 50Hz and 60Hz the tv says it is 720p, so I'm confused as to what setting I should use!!

All I want is to watch films with crisp picture quality and without the highly distracting judder, its why I bought the tv!!!

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