Panasonic PX70B or Hitachi 42PD9700?



Firstly hello everyone, this is my first post here! :hiya:

I've been looking at getting a new TV to replace my ancient 28" Goodmans CRT :)eek:). Budget's up to £1000, although if I can get something a little cheaper, so much the better as I can put the remainder towards a DVD HDD recorder. I started off knowing next to nothing about TV's and thinking LCD was the way to go, but after much reading of forums & reviews, speaking to various people and looking at TVs in various shops, I've come round to thinking that plasma is almost certainly the best option for me.

The TV will initally be used almost exclusively for SD freeview and DVD viewing, although no doubt as HD takes off, I'll be viewing more and more of that. Size-wise, I'm looking for something in the region of 37"-42".

After much researching, I think I've narrowed the choice down to the Panasonic 42PX70B or the Hitachi 42PD9700, although I'd consider alternative suggestions. Price wise, there's nothing in it - Digital Direct has the Panny at £795 and the Hitachi at £800.

I've read the threads on here about each set, and it seems that whichever I choose I'm going to be getting an extremely capable TV for a bargain price, but I'm struggling to decide which would be the best option? Any pointers or opinions gratefully received!


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As you say, they're both good tellies.
But it sounds like you haven't actually seen them.
The Hitachi has a picture all of it's own and it's not to everyones liking. It can be kind of "soft", but I think it's more natural.
I have a 7200 and love it :)
But I strongly suggest you go and look at both.
I believe Comet have the 9700 on display, but don't know about the Panny.
I know a white goods place isn't really the best place to go, but it's better than nothing.
I certainly wouldn't buy blind.


Thanks Badger. I have seen the Hitachi in Richer Sounds (it looked good to my untrained eye), but not the Panny. I may pop into Comet next weekend to have a look, although they don't list the 42" Panny on their site, only the 37", although I guess the picture quality will be comparable.


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The Pannys have undoubtedly better blacks.
I'm not trying to make you get one, I'm doing my best to be neutral :)
They're two different types of picture and it'll be interesting to see which way you go.
The 9700 was around the £2k mark when it first came out, so it has to be an excellent buy at £800 :smashin:
Either way, you'll be buying a cracking telly that I'm sure you'll be happy with.
Good luck whichever way you go :) and keep us informed :smashin:

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