Panasonic PX70 vs PX600 / 60 - PQ


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My first impressions


Blacks are more deep and solid but fluctuates obscuring shadow details.
Visible Solarization bands
Color of Red - not punchy. Color of green - same as 9th gen. Color of Blue - Excellent
Far Background details - Nearly matched my reference PIO 7th gen and is miles ahead of the 9th gen.
Anti-glare - This is good but this affects the color punch on-screen. On first glance u may think that the tv looks dull in colors.

PX600 / 60

Blacks may be 5% lower than the PX70. Fluctuations still there.
Visible Solarization bands
Color of Red - Excellent. Color of green - a bit off. Color of Blue - not so accurate as the 10th gen
Far Background details - 5-10% inferior to the 10th gen.
Almost like a mirror but color punch was there.


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PX70 Japanese model seems to have anti-glare.

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