Panasonic PX70 fails the pluge test on DVE Blu-ray

Basil Plumley

Ex Member
I have a Panasonic PX70 and it's fed an HDMI signal from my Onkyo 905 which has a built in REON HQV scaler.
I orderded the Blu-ray version of DVE and it arrived this morning - and to my surprise, the Panasonic doesn't pass the pluge test - ie, it won't show blacker than video black.
Now - could this be the plasma? Or the REON scaler maybe...? Something in the chain is clipping the signal...I use a Japanese PS3 as a Blu-ray player BTW.

Point to note - I also have an Optoma HD73 connected but haven't tried this yeat as I don't have total light control and will wait until it's dark.

Everything seems to be OK at the white end of the scale.

Basil Plumley

Ex Member
PS3 set to 720P and Onkyo set to through...I understand that it's not that important that it doesn't sow blacker than black, but I'm sure there's a problem with the disc...if I run a THX optimode drop shadow test, I get the shadow and all 10 black boxes along the top (Until I turn the black level down, of course...:D)

might have to dig a bit deeper on this....:confused:

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