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panasonic PX60-Samsung HD950-Wii


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Hi everyone,

i have a panasonic TH42PX60 plasma, a samsung upscaling HD950 and now a WII.

For the moment, i have an old panasonic amp (about 5 years old ) called SE7 i think...The dvd player is connected through HMDI to plasma and coaxial to the amp. I want to change the amp as it's getting old and tired (sounds is a bit crap now..) and i am getting a component cable for the Wii, which i would like to connect to that new amp as well.

Now, i have been trying to read all the different threads here but i am completely confused (part of it is that i really never paid attention to the evolution of that technology compared to plasma/dvd/consoles etc..). What is a reciever compared to a pure amp? Amp have HDMI inputs now? what does that mean? what should i look for in terms of amp for that set up?

i know people here hates general questions like this one but i am really lost!!



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An AV receiver will have a radio built into it, where a 'pure' amp will not have and therefore concentrate more on what's been fed in. HDMI on an amp is used for video switching, so you put your HDMI equiped player in to the amp, along with any other device via component or s-video, and then use the HDMI out to you plasma . Most mid range amps now have HDMI, but not all are the same. There are different versions of HDMI (1.1, 1.2, 1.3a if I remember) and these will affect your sound choice if you go for a blueray/HD-DVD player. Depending on your budget look at Denon and Yamaha for amps as these tend to be the best buys and have the features you need.


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The difference between a reciever and an amp is just a receiver has a tuner built in either analogue or dab.

With regards to HDMI its the same reason for having component on an amp its video switching so you have one cable connected from your amp to your screen then however many inputs for pluggin things into ther amp.

So with component switching you may have a dvd player, wii and an xbox for example but only one connection on your scren so somehting like a low ened denon 1707/1907 will have 3 inputs and one out!

You then just select which audio input matches each video input and then swicth between them.!

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