Panasonic PX60 DVI/HDMI 1280x720 resolution settings! Help!

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by fox uk, Mar 11, 2006.

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    Hi all

    As a proud new owner of the Panny PX60 I was keen to get my media center hooked up to it and to pump out some HD content. I ordered a DVI to HDMI lead and have also got a DVI to VGA lead for PC to TV use. PC is using X600Pro 256mb GFX card (bought for the h.264 acceleration!). The problem I am having is this :

    When i'm connected from DVI (pc) to VGA input (tv), I cannot appear to set the resolution of the screen to 1280x720. I know the native res of my TV is 1024x768 but I'm pretty sure that i should be able to force the 720p resolution? I CAN change to this resolution, but the picture is completely mis-aligned with the edges of the screen (i've also tried changing refresh rates) and the v-align/h-align controls don't make enough of an adjustment to center the pic. Any ideas?

    Note : When i'm connecting from DVI (pc) to HDMI (tv) the above problem is non-existant and the 1280x720 res is correctly displayed fullscreen without tweaking. But i am guessing that using the HDMI input is scaling the input to fit? The question i have is, which method should i be using to get the best quality from a media center fed feed? For example, when i connect DVI to VGA at 1024x768 it's pixel perfect (native res), surely I should be able to use the dvi to display 1280x720? I know it wont be pixel-perfect but i believe it should give a better pic than HDMI.

    Thanks for your help!

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