PANASONIC PWT530 - will no record to external drive


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This device has 500GB capacity and all used, forcing me to delete programmes I would rather keep. So bought a 2TB external drive

managed to register it on the Panasonic device and all looking good - it even says how much capacity this gives (276 hours)

Only problem- it doesn't actually seem to record to it when the space on the machine's own HDD runs out!

have been through the settings many times but cant see anything else I need to do

Can anyone help?



Welcome to the forum.

There is no such model as the PWTS30 - so I'm assuming you mean the PWT530.

The USB hard drive is not used in the way you describe.
Instead you can copy titles from the internal hard drive to the external drive so that you can then free up space on the internal drive.

See page 47 of your manual for the methodology for copying titles.


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Thanks yes I'm sure you're right on model number. I realised later that all you can do is copy from internal HDD to usb using blue button on remote. Not too clunky as you can copy a group of progs in one go if they are a series. Not ideal but workable. Thanks for reply.

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