Panasonic PWD6 - Vertical Black Bar appeared!


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I've had my Panny PW6D for about three weeks now and it's worked perfectly well up until yesterday afternoon. I was watching The Last Samurai when about halfway through a vertical black bar appeared which runs the entire height of the screen and is about 1-2 inches thick and around a quarter of the way from the left hand side of the screen. I initially thought it might have been on the disc or was the DVD player so switched to the Satellite and it was still there. Next up I thought the culprit might be the Lumagen Vision so, as I have no other way of connecting to the screen, I ran the White Scrolling Bar Screen Saver on the plasma. As it scrolls, you can still see this vertical black bar as the white bar passes it. It's as if an entire section of around 60-70 pixels isn't working. I'm connecting to the plasma via a Lumagen Vision using a Component signal into the BNC Component Board with an HD15 to BNC Component breakout cable.

I've unplugged everything to see if it cures itself but the plasma had only been on for about three hours and wasn't hot. I thought it might be the power supply problem that some Panny's have suffered from but it doesn't seem to match those symptoms e.g it still switches on and doesn't turn itself off or have any flashing led's. Is there a way to reset the plasma without affecting any Service Menu settings as it's been ISF calibrated?

Anyone have any ideas what this might be? as the alternative is a trip back to the UK for it to be looked at.
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