Panasonic PW7 Stand Screws ?


Got my pw7 yesterday with stand :thumbsup: , opened it all up but was too knackered to put it all together yesterday :boring: , so I thought id give it a go today when I got in at lunchtime.Trust the family to mess it up for me , not only was everything moved from where I laid it out but when I asked where the screws where I was told they'd been binned ! :thumbsdow Was going to get the rubber gloves on and go through the rubbish when I was dealt the second blow which was the rubbish was collected earlier! :mad: (was half glad i didnt have to go through the bins though) :nono:

Ive got boxes upon boxes of screws in the shed but I cant look till later , anyone know the exact size that fit the holes so I can pick some up on my way home later to save me scrounging around in the shed?


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if iot was a Unicol (Av-sales ) stand phone them up for a new pack of screws, you nee the rubber spacers too so get the proper ones

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