Panasonic PW7 Connections - best way


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Can anyone recommend the best way to setup my PW7?

I’ve just bought a PW7 and installed both a component (BNC) board and a scart board (will input RGB/S-Video).

I want the best possible connection between my Denon 550SD home theatre amp/DVD, sky digital box and Plasma.

At the moment the Sky box is connected to the Denon amp via scart/s-video lead and out through the amp via S-Video (the amp does not have RGB Scart). The DVD is connected via the amp and in to the Plasma via component cables. The amp also has a second lot of component outputs which are not used.

So given the fact that I have

1: One component board (plasma)
2: One scart board (plasma)
3: VGA In (plasma)
4: Two component outputs (amp), one connecting DVD and going to Plasma.
5: S-video and Scart (Sky box)
6: No scart, only S-Video/Component/Composite (amp)

So what would be the best way of setting up the system?

1: Do I buy some sort of converter (js converter/which type) etc?
2: Do I buy another board for the Plasma, if so which one?

Only other thing is the amp menus will only appear on the Plasma screen if I use S-Video!

Any ideas would be really appreciated.



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Any ideas guys?


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Best connection for the PW7 in my opinion is component. And you have that hooked up to your DVD player, so you are sorted there.
Sounds like you have your sky connected as good a quality as you can get without splashing out any other cash.
You not happy with the picture quality at the moment? Cos I dont think you'll see any improvement connecting it any other way that justifies you spending any more.
Your amp may be able to upconvert the Svideo via component out anyway. Check it out.


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Thanks for that,

Dragon, sorry it has two component inputs and one out. Does that make any difference?

gee: The picture is usually good via s-video but not always. Is there anyway of getting sky > amp > pw7 through the component input which isn't used?


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hornydragon said:
Pro caliobration will give you a decent boost (and the calibrator wil be able to advise on cabling etc)

Sorry, i'm not quite sure what you mean by calibrator :D Can you give me a few more details?



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JS Tech RGB to YUV converter would allow you to use the spare component input on the amp. Cheaper option is the RGB to VGA converter (which gives a marginally better picture anyway) but going direct to the panel you obviously wont get the amp's on screen menus. With Sky+ you can have the best of both worlds - routing the S-video out via the amp for when you need the OSD and via the converter for when you want best PQ .

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