Panasonic PW6 vs PWD6



Can anyone explain to me the difference between the PW6 and PWD6? I was planning to get a PW6 in silver, but after reading some of the threads on here it seems that the PWD6 is the same thing, but in black only (and about £500 cheaper).

I need to connect Sky digital + DVD player (Jamo) only.



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TH-50PHD5B or TH-50PHD5BX (or TH-50PHW5B or TH-50PHW5BX) means British edition, also to be seen are TH-50PHD5E (European) or TH-50PHD5U (USA) and other letters too; this part of the code signifies country. If it doesn't say B or BX at the end it probably means that it's imported from European mainland, and will have different warrenty conditions.

Additionall, TH-50PHD5 or TH-50PHW5 with letter D or W means colour of bezel, where D is black and W is silver and A means silver with speakers.

Finally, TH-42PHD6 vs TH-42PW6 is resolution where H means High Definition and absence of H means Standard Definition.

Therefore code is:


I think the P is for PAL, T is for television, H is for plasma (x for CRT or LCD).

The only difference between a "W" and "D" is the colour, although you may have to buy a component input or other card for the black model (it may only have a VGA connection). So, you may have to buy an input card, but they are less than £500. Aks you dealer what connection you will get with screen.



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Thank you for an excellent response, which sums up most of what I have been trying to work out for sometime now.


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I am gonna get the black version too, so far the best price I've seen is around £2700 with stand and scart board.


Tried a dozen+ web retailers.

Best price I've got for screen (silver) + wall moun t + component video card is about £3k

Nexnix looks quite a bit cheaper for a black version



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Common dealers are:

All are well regarded here and should be able to price match each other to supply a PWD6(Grey)+Wall Mount+Terminal Board for £2.5-2.7k and PW6(Silver)+Wall Mount+Terminal Board for 3k

Not a great deal of difference between, so comes down to the look/finish you prefer really...



The reson for the price differential is that the black PWD6 is a commercial screen originally marketed to shops/businesses, wheras the Silver PW6 is a consumer screen marketed to home users.

This means that the black one is sold by a different division of Panasonic to the silver one, so I guess that discount rates apply.

One previous models, the level of shielding was less on the black then the silver (Class A vs Class B), but I think that they are the same on the new 6 series screens.

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