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Jan 25, 2004
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Any comments on the picture quality via this terminal board. I'm about to buy a Denon-2900 and have the option of buying this board or feeding the VGA port via the iScan Ultra (which is currently performing Sky duties).

I have the scart board and am unimpressed with the picture quality but don't know if the issue is terminal boards generally or just the Panasonic scart board specifically.

Any experince please.

I've researched this subject! From what I gather, the 'component' board is very good and you get an excellent picture with it! The SCART board, on the other hand, is supposed to be a pile of arse solids as it makes the picture look like it has some sort of 'gauze' over it.
Once I take reciept of my new Panny, my Tosh 220 DVD player will be rigged up to the component board, and SKY/Freeview/DVD Recorder will pass through an 'RGB2VGA' converter and be rigged up to the VGA port. It doesn't 'autoswitch' but people have said that it is an excellent trade off for a quality picture!

Hope this helps.:rolleyes:
am using telewest feed through panny scart board and you are right about pq, have since added £90 olson mains adapter and there is a remarkable improvment now in the pq on the pw6
I've had several people who used to use the SCART board but upgraded to the RGB to Plasma VGA unit and seen a marked improvement in picture quality. So they seem to agree with you on the SCART quality...

Component is slightly softer than Plasma VGA route, but should be fine. You have the option of running via the I-Scan to the VGA socket, and you should convert Sky to component before putting it in to the I-Scan.

There's a company called Tridek who are now doing a auto aspect ratio switcher for the Panasonic.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

Sky already being converted to component via one of your RGB2YUV boxes and then into iScan.

If I input the DVD into the iScan also and watch both Sky and DVD via the VGA input this means that they'll have to share the same picture settings or else I'll have to adjust them each time I switch between Sky/DVD.

Will this disadvantage be outweighed by the fact that it will be better picture quality than via a component terminal board.

Also would I have to send the DVD signal interlaced for the iScan to de-interlace or does the iScan pass-thru a progressive signal untouched. Bear in mind I've had 2 completely opposite opinions on this question, both from people whose opinion I trust.


the iscan ultra cannot pass through progressive on component.

on the plasma end i have all the picture setting to 0 and then use the picture setting on iscan for different imputs. ie sky/dvd/video/ect.
I would agree, although...

Originally posted by jmack
the iscan ultra cannot pass through progressive on component.

In general the Iscan cannot accept a progressive scan signal on any of its normal component inputs...however, I think you can use the VGA passthrough input with an RCA=>VGA component cable to allow a DVD to bypass video processing - pretty sure I remember trying this during my testing...

Why didn't I think of that :confused: Adjust the iScan - obvious.

So the iScan definitely can't pass through progressive. This has me wondering about the wisdom of buying an expensive progressive DVD player (Denon-2900) if it won't be doing the de-interlacing itself.


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