Panasonic PW6 and Samsung DVD-HD935 via DVI ..... any issues?



As the Fujitsu P42VHA30 has not got a DVI input, I have decided to opt for the Panasonic PW6 with a DVI card. I will also be upgrading my DVD player to a Samsung DVD-HD935 with the intent to digitally connect the two via progressive signals.
I heard ( and searched) that there was some issues with the screen and DVI. Have they now been resolved?
Has anybody else got this setup and is it as good as I think it is going to be?

Thanks for your feedback!:hiya:


No dice, I'm afraid. Or rather, It shoud work with R1 discs, but not pal. Someone correct me if I'm an idiot, but the DVI issues with PW6 have not been resolved AFAIK, that's why I don't give a damn the VHA30 ain't got one.

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