Panasonic PW5 handling of 576i/p signal



Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a PW5 sometime in the near future, but I'm still in the research stage. I have a few questions for anyone here with a PW5 that pick up a PAL signal.

I have read one or two posts elsewhere which indicated that there is a great loss in quality when downscaling from 576p to the TV's 480p capability. I understand that 100 lines will go missing as a result, which I can deal with, but does it really affect the overall picture quality that bad?

I plan to use the TV to view SD broadcasts (576i) and play back both NTSC and PAL DVD's (hopefully both in progressive mode). I am concerned now that all the great things I've read about this TV will mean nothing when run under a PAL signal due to this downscaling issue.

Anyone's opinion on the matter is most appreciated.


I've never seen Pal DVD's look as good as they do on my PW5. Don't worry about the downscaling, the picture is outstanding.


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