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Panasonic PV500 & Pioneer DVR-920H

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by mmccarty, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. mmccarty


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    Hello - another new boy here I'm afraid...

    I've read most of the threads on the PV500 vs Pio 435 XDE as I have been having the same "choice" dilema myself. However, I have a few unanswered questions...


    1) I want to use the Pio DVR-920H as it's the only DVD recorder I can find with both hard disk and HDMI output. I would connect this to the plasma via HDMI. Does this allow me to record from the plasmas digital freeview tuner or does the 920 have one built in? Is there any operational differences using this with the Panny rather than the Pio?

    2) Is there an optical out that carries multichannel sound form the PV500 screen so I can get the audio form both the DVR-920 (via HDMI) and the built in digital tuner to my Surround Sound Receiver? I believe there is with the 435XDE.

    3) Can the Pio DVR-500 play HD DVD's when they come out? Or should I be waiting for something else

    4) What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision reveiwed the PV500 this month and reckoned it was better then the 435 XDE. However, they also stated that new Pioneer models were due out soon. Any ideas on what we can expect and when?

    5) Finally, I'm looking to connect the plasma & DVR-920 to a Denon 1905 and a set of Wharfedale Dimaond 9's (HCP). I presume the best route would be..

    920 to Plasma via HDMI
    Plasma - 1905 via Optical

    Am I missing anything for will this give me everything I need (DVD / HD / Freeview - all displayed on plasma and heard in 5.1)

    Thanks a lot


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