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    Hi all, i have just brought the PT-L556, and since my initial reaction of WOW! what a big screen, i have been picking up on little defects, such as all NTSC laserdisc's and non-anamorphic dvd's are way too small i have a six foot 4/3 screen which is filled with the panasonic logo screen but when watching movies i get a picture roughly the size of a 40inch TV, i can stretch the picture using the NTSC only 16/9 mode but in that ratio they are all too thin and quashed and if i invoke the (NTSC ONLY) stretch function, the line structure is too distracting. Pal movies are fine nice big picture which fills the width of the screen, but when i switch to NTSC material the screen size reduces by about 50% Is the projector funcioning as it should, if so is HTPC my only option other than a proper 16/9 projector. All help and opinions greatly accepted. Cheers <br />P.S Does anyone know how to check the lamp usage, cause i have no idea how much time is remaining. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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