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As it seems that everybody else is heading for 16:9 displays, I'm considering a 4:3 XGA LCD projector Panasonic PT-LC75E.

Some properties of the projector are still unclear after web & forum searches and reading the pdf leaflet.

1) The projector has composite and s-video connectors and 2 D-Sub's. Can the latter ones accept progressive YUV component video with a BNC-VGA cable as I've gathered from postings on AVS that the US version 75U can? If so, does it accept both 480p and 576p?

2) If the above is correct, can I feed the projector anamorphic video and make the projector do the letterboxing?

3) Some postings give me the idea that on the 75U, you cannot tweak the color balance with YUV video feed. Is this a problem and especially is it a problem if I apply a filter lens of some sort?

4) Is it advicable to feed this beast with a standalone DVD player at all or should it only be connected to a HCPC/HTPC?

5) Finally, any other comments and experience would be very welcome!

Chris Frost

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Our American cousins have it quite easy because 480P at 60Hz is very much like a 640x480 VGA computer signal.

PAL signals don't conform quite as easily. Firstly the resolution of a PAL Progressive signal (576P) doesn't match any of the standard PC resolutions, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768. Second, the refresh rate of 50Hz is too low for some projectors to recognise it as a Progressive signal, they expect anything below 60Hz to be an interlaced video signal.

Now throw into the mix the added issues of scaling quality, aspect ratio control and colour adjustment and you have the makings of a real headache.

The solution to all these problems lies in a HTPC system. With the right choice of card and software you can run everything at 60Hz or above, with an output resolution that is a pixel perfect fit for your projector, and have the PC perform aspect ratio control.

In this scenario the projector is less important, it becomes a light engine so you are now free to choose one that runs quieter, has better lamp life or throw distance etc



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Thanks for the input, Chris.

I noticed that you're at Philips. Care to comment the rumours that Philips would be bringing a native 576 line projector in 2003 or 2004? I understand if you can't comment, though..

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