Panasonic Plasma TV wipes out WiFi


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We have just taken delivery of a Panny P42ST50B and I think the picture is great, even on satnadrd def Freeview. The big downer is that internet is unusable.
The TV is in the lounge on the ground floor and the router is in the attic 2 floors up. When the TV is on the whole internet is wiped out - we can't use the laptop wirelessly in the lounge, the Logitech Squeezeboxes (kitchen and basement) are unusable and even the desktops in the attic (wired to the router, not wireless) lose internet connection even though the 'broadband' light on the router is blue.

If it is relevant we are using BT homehub 2 and I have tried changing channels with no effect. The main phone point is in the dining room so wired connection to the router is not possible without drilling and more wires which the wife does not want - but even then considering the effect it is having on the router I am not sure that will solve anything because I presume it is an emissions problem, not one of connectivity.
Any suggestions?

We would be happy to go to LCD/LED TV but I am wondering how the picture quality would compare to plasma with regards intensity of colour and viewing angle (the Panasonic cost £800 but would be willing to go to £1,000 if necessary).

Thank you to anyone who can help.


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Welcome to the forums.
Sorry can't help with the internet issue though others have had the same problem with Samsung's too.

If you like plasma Id not go LCD because of this, viewing angles are restricted on all LCD sets inc LED back lit. What connection speed do you have it of interest?


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Your TV can connect using both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands , so check your router and see which band its set too. Going from 2.4ghz to 5ghz might solve the issue.

If that doesnt work try turning off the Viera connect feature on the TV , does your broadband work when youve done that ? If it does then its definitely the wireless unit in the TV clashing with the rest of your network , if not , it could be something else.

Finally , you always have the option of going wired to the router via homeplugs. Not only is that nearly always a more stable and better quality connection , it should take the TV's wi fi unit out of the equation, assuming it actually is the problem.


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Thank you for your quick replies.

I will try turning off the Viera Connect option (I did set it to 'Wired' connection on the assumption that it would take the wireless out of the equation but this did not improve things).
The router uses 2.4GHz only so one solution would be to buy a router that goes up to 5GHz - but by the time I have done that the cost oof the telly rises to the 1,000 bracket so we may as well have spent that in the first place!:rolleyes: However, a new router may have other benefits.

We are not wedded to the idea of plasma - our old CRT has developed big green splodges so this is our first flat screen. We are not gamers, and not total movie buffs: we just want a decent quality picture whihc for me means no ghosting on moving objects, no jaggies on curved edges and none of the halos around high-contrast edges that I have seen on cheaper units.


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Long shot, have you connected the EMC ferrite inductor around your tv power lead ?


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The power leas already has a ferrit core built in - the only ones provided are 2 for the CAT cable and a smaller one for headphones.
The shop are trying to contact their service engineer to see what he can suggest.


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It looks like we have solved the problem (or at least identified it).
After a very prolonged discussion with the shop's service engineer it turns out to be the TV having some incompatability issues with the modem/router (BT Home Hub 2) causing it to crash.
Over the last couple of days, I have re-booted the modem-router while the TV is on and it seems to have gradually developed a setting that allows us to have the TV on and use the internet (wireless and cabled). But internet speeds are still not what they were so I am trying out a new router to see if that speeds things up.

Thank you all for taking the time to help.

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