panasonic plasma problem ?


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hi all. i just made this post in the st50 thread but I thought i might get more views in its own thread if its ok with the mods.

I think i have a problem with my tv (50st50) in the last week or so I have noticed a vertical band on the right hand side of the screen, about 4 or 5 inches across and gives a sort of purple tint, i don't notice it so much watching movies but trying to watch golf, football and playing tiger woods 14 its plain to see and very annoying and sometimes noticable when watching black and white footage like Psycho and the Twilight zone on blu-ray.

At first i thought it was screen burn/retention but i have been very carefull running it in in its early use but looking at images on the web of screen burn i'm not so sure it is screen burn.

any ideas what it is and is it an easy fix ?. i have had the tv since November 2012

Thanks for reading

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PDP’s are generally ‘powered’ as a tiled array so you will often encounter some oddity in the image of one area or strip of the pixel array.

Probably best to take some images showing the problem and contact your Supplier.

If you don’t have a DVD or Blu-ray ‘test’ disc with relevant patterns that would highlight colour errors either connect up a computer or burn a test disc.

WalVisions - Full Field Test Patterns



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I recall one person having a tech guy come out and the only way he would accept it was faulty was to have the colour turned right down (so it was black and white but still showing the coloured bands).

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