Panasonic Plasma panel TH37PW7 - and CABLES?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by JohnSanders, Feb 23, 2005.

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    Help please! Just bought the Panasonic Plasma panel TH37PW7 - it has a serial and pc input as standard and i bought and installed a scart connection. It has another slot for other connections (component, etc) but i'v not bought anything else yet. Connecting to a Freeview tuner (which has audio outputs, a serial port and 2 scarts) and the Yamaha DVRS120 - integrated DVD player and surround sound system - which seems to have all connection possibilities. At the moment i have the aerial into the tuner then a scart out through a AV (3 cables - red/white/yellow) adaptor into the AV ports of the Yamaha. I have 3 ways out (plus monitor out) of the Yamaha to the panel - scart, component and S-video - but these 3 only take the dvd signal (won't carry the tuner signal) - since the panel only has a scart i haven't connected via that since then i wouldn't be able to connect the tuner directly to the panel - so i have taken a cable from the Monitor Out of the Yamaha to another box (a friend has lent me - it is another tuner box AverTVBox3 progressive scan) that will allow me to connect it into the panel's pc port. This works. So from the panels PC input i get a pretty good picture from the yamaha dvd but not a very good tv picture - not that clear and bright colours that i can't adjust. I have also connected the tuner directly to the panel (scart to scart) although of course the sound is going through the Yamaha via the scart/AV connection i mentioned above. With this panel input i get a slightly better tv picture and i can adjust the colour - but it's still not the qulaity i expected (or have seen in the showrooms).
    There must be an easier and/or better way to connect these 3 pieces! Do i need to buy other connections for the panel or can i get a "connection box" that will simply let me link everything up and give me great picture quality from both the dvd and tuner? A friend has said a Component connection would improve things a lot - but how do i connect this? Any suggestions would be gratefully received (along with any pointers as to where i can buy what ever it is i need). Many thanks.

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