Panasonic plasma or Toshiba LCD for 37" for kid friendly use?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by DanMason, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Ok, so it's the usual LCD or plasma debate, but I've got some more unusual requirements! I need to buy a 37" (no bigger due to space) and can't decide on LCD or plasma. I'm looking at the Panasonic plasma TH-37PX80B or the Toshiba 37RV555DG. Both roughly the same price, both 100mhz which I'm quite keen on. I know the Toshiba is 1080p over the Panasonic's 1024x720 (I can't justify the extra for the fullHD Panasonic!). I don't play games or run the PC through it, I use (and love) my Sky system and plan to upgrade to SkyHD. I watch allsorts - sport, movies, docus equally so can't use that to make any sort of judgetment on picture movement etc. But the picture is paramount to me. Sound quality is important to me also. I'm also keen to find a TV with a narrow edge to it, which is why I like the Toshiba.

    But here's the thing, I have 2 small, very inquisitive children with tendancies to explore, touch & play with whatever toys looks interesting - especially something new & shiny! A guy in the telly shop tells me today to steer clear of LCD as it's not good when the screen is constantly touched compared to the plasma's glass screen. So something which doesn't mark as much with grubby mits would be better. Also plasmas tends to be a bit weighter and less prone to being pushed over!

    I loved the LG 'Take it to the Edge' PG6000 plasma which I viewed today with a completely glass front screen so nice & easy to clean. Would have bought it on the spot, but no 37" version.

    I know it's a weird one, but any advice would help - either on the quality or advice for family-friendly tv? BTW, I'm open to new options if there are any. But not Samsung - have had some bad experiences with sound on these.


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