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I've had a good search for this problem, but most results seem to refer to the fault status being indicated by the red LED, rather than the green LED.

We have a Panasonic TX-P50G30B plasma TV which we bought in 2011. It has been faultless - until now!

It was in use, displaying a normal HDMI input picture when there was a loud click, the screen went black and the green power indicator remained on (solid - not blinking). Pressing buttons on the remote and the TV has no effect. When it is powered off and back on again, the green LED indicator flashes a number of times and then stays solid, and does so each time the TV is switched on (using the main power button on the side of the screen). Unplugging from the mains for while hasn’t changed anything.

I think the green LED flashed 6 or 7 times to show an error code, but as it's not the red LED, this might not be the case. If the LED remaining on at the end of the flashing counts as one of the blinks, it’s seven times. The red LED does NOT light up at any point. I can find no way of getting the remote control to do anything and there is no way of getting it into standby (red LED) mode. I've tried new batteries in the remote!

Does anyone know of this problem and how it might be sorted? Thank you.


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Did you ever figure out what the problem was?
I have the exact same problem with my Panasonic TX-P42UT30E, and that's the only case that matches my problem that I've found so far.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi there.
I have exactly the same issue with the exact same model TV as above. Green light on permanently but no reaction from remote signals nor do buttons on the side do anything. Power button on the side switches green light on/off. A slight click is heard from the back somewhere. No red light anywhere.


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Hi, unfortunately the main board is shorted. Fix is relatively easy though.
Apparently it is a very common failure for these series sets, it's caused by bad board screws.
All I had to do is replace the 4 mosfets marked in the attached picture.
Of course it's not certain that these will be the only ones broken, but it's the most common.
The parts are 30F131 mosfets, the problem though is that it's hard to find original ones, and most people prefer the compatible FGD4536.
The hardest part was connecting the panel's ribbon cables back to the board (considering I've soldered electronics before).
I also cleaned all the screws's heads and the screw holes on the board and every other one I could reach from the other boards.
It's been running fine since October, also the buzzing is gone (caused by loose screws).
Most info I got from forum, and youtube.
TNPA5349 AB.jpg
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Just for info.
It's not caused by “bad board screws”. A screw can't go “bad”, that sounds like a typical “americanism”
It's poor board earthing that causes the demise of the mosfets.
The screws loosen over time.


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Yes, I wrote bad (without going into further details) thinking of their lack of spring washers, making them loose over time.
And I'm not American, not even native English speaker.


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I too have the same/ or very similar problem where I have a Panasonic Plasma TX-P46S20B bought in 2010 and when you turn the power button on the standby light flashes green very fast and for many times before turning solid, and no picture is presented. You can hear a very familiar although furious clicking sound which I don't know what is, what you would call it etc. When it was working normally the default function would be for the standby light to be red when the power button is turned on. After which, you would use the remote's power button to turn the TV on. The standby light would flash and go to green upon powering up. Now, I have no idea how to repair the TV unless the solution is the one previously mentioned. I've been the repair shop to repair it will cost £200!
Does anyone having any advice?

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