Panasonic Plasma Denon 2800 MKII Lip Sync

Dave Gray

Please help guys!
I've just added a Panasonic TH42PW4 Plasma Screen and Denon 2800MKII DVD Player to my room. I have had a Denon 3802 Receiver for the last 9 months and have been chuffed to death with it, as I am with the new kit...mostly!
I get a lip sync problem from DVD (connected directly from DVD to Plasma via Progressive scan component video cables), mostly R2 Pal Prog DTS discs, but on all of them (R1&R2) to a lesser degree. I've got the latest PAL Prog firmware for the DVD.
I can also see a small amount of the dreaded Chroma Bug on some bright red parts of the picture (Red lights in Independence Day R1).
I've asked my dealer to upgrade to the 3800 (awaiting stock shock!) to see if this cures it, or even the Arcam DV88+.
My amp doesn't allow for an audio delay, other than in the speaker distance settings which don't improve things, and I can't afford to upgrade to amp with a delay.
Has anyone else got this problem?Any 3800/dv88 owners report lipsync OK on Plsama screens with their players?
Please help as getting myself very drunk to watch a film so that I don't notice the lip sync is also proving expensive!!!:p


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i have the panny 42pw4 linked to dv88+ via component. no synch problems noticed. no chroma bug noticed.
you have my sympathies ....


Agree with hawkeye, I'm running a DV88+ through a panny Pw5 via component, no lip sync problems. The arcam AFAIK has a built in delay for the audio to take care of the delay caused by deinterlacing.


Dave Gray

Thanks for your help guys!
I borrowed my mates Arcam DV88+ (Cheers Jon Wheeler!!!) last night. Wow! What a difference!
No lip sync problems, looks the Vaddis 5 Chip has a built in delay for prog scan, no chroma bug, voices sound more natural, picture seems smoother. OK it costs about £250 more, but it seems like thats the way I've got to go. Shame it doesn't match my gold Denon 3802 amp though.
Anybody any ideas why most mags seem to prefer the Denon 3800's picture quality? Is there stilll the same lip sync and chroma issue with this player I wonder? If it would solve the lip sync & chroma issues then I might still buy it!(Mainly from a cosmetic POV but it would save me £100 towards another Sky Digital Box)
Can any 3800 owners come to Denons rescue or am I about to become a satisfied Arcam customer?

My Kit:
Panasonic TH42PW4 Plasma / Denon 3802 Receiver / Tannoy Mercury MX3sFront, MC Centre, MX2sRear, MSub10 SubWoofer, Mission 78DS Centre Rears / Denon 2800MKII DVD Player with latest PAL Prog Scan firmware (Soon to be Arcam DV88+?):D


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I have a Denon 3800 and Panasonic 42" model 4 plasma. There are no lip-sync issues on this player, and one of the reasons I bought it was because lip-sync was so bad using my previous interlaced player with the plasma (Toshiba SD9000).


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I think both machines are excellent. However, until Denon sort out the many issues with the 3800 (I have had 3!), is it not wiser to go with a tried and tested solution in the Arcam?

I believe Denon designed their new players in-house and consequently as with any project, teething issues may manifest.

I have just upgraded to a FMJ DV27 which seems to improve on the already excellent pq of the 3800's Latest release of DV27 have new circuit design, Vaddis 5 decoder, Sil504 de-interlacer and improved DAC's to bring it up to date.

So far I am over the moon as I have plagued by DVD problems and was ready to throw in the towel until my latest acquisition!!

Give both machines a good long demo, throw as much software as time allows and good luck!



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Agreed that there have been problems with the Denon 3800. I believe mine may yet have to be returned if the reports of laser problems on models with a serial number <1000 are true (mine is 0959) :(

However, people buying the 3800 now have the new firmware installed and there have been no reports of any faults with the latest batch of players. For the price difference between the 3800 and the FMJ27 I would still go the Denon route. As Darren said though, it's going to be a tough choice, and I would mention that Arcam offer fantastic after-sales service while Denon are very poor (in the UK at least).

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