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Nov 25, 2000
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I realise this may be old ground but I need some help please.I have just ordered a Panasonic plasma (charcoal finish).I plan on only running my DVD and Sky digibox to it.Could someone please tell me what cables I will need.I have been told the charcoal unit has different connection ports than the silver one.I have no idea what all this VGA and BNC stuff is.I feel I'm getting out of my depth.Please could some kind hearted soul let me know what to do.
Many thanks,John G
Just for information I have a Sony DVP 735 with component output!
The plasma has the following inputs
- Composite
- Component
- S-video

The composite and component inputs are probably phono inputs but could be BNC, either way you can adapt cables to suit
See here for phono/bnc adaptors:

So, you can get a a set of 3 phono to phono component cables for your dvd and most people connect their sky digibox to the plasma with the Plasma VGA device here:
The component / RGB connections on the charcoal plasma are indeed bnc ... so you will need 3x phono and 3x phono>bnc adaptors for your dvd player ...

Use the JS rgb>vga box for the sky receiver ... you will need a fully wired (or RGB directional from QED) scart > scart lead and a quality vga > vga lead ...

This gives you the best picture quality from either source ...

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