Panasonic plasma 2012 upgrade worth it


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I have a 46pz85 panasonic but have the funds to replace.
I keep being drawn to the 50GT50 but im unsure the cost would justify the picture improvement.
Im aware of the 3D and smart features but its all about picture quality to me.
Have anyone made the jump ? comments please.


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This year's line of Panasonic plasmas make the jump more than worth should also take a look at the ST50 and determine whether you can find a better deal on one or the other.


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My brother just went from a 46"PZ81 to a 60" ST50 and he's like a kid at Christmas, amazed at the improvement.

Having seen the 2012 sets after having seen a PX80, V20 and GT30, Id say its a clear improvement on all, though maybe not so much the GT30 as that was a stunner.

You may also like the Samsung E8000 and E6500 as an alternative.

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