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I have my Sky+ box connected to my Panasonic th-42w4b by a JS RGB to VGA box.

I can quite often notice a problem with skin tones when a face is moving across the screen. It is like watching a 256 colour image on the skin tones. As soon as a persons face is not moving, the colour definition returns.

I have never noticed this when watching a DVD using component leads (my dvd player does not support Porgressive Scan)

Any idea what causes this and if there is any way of improving the situation.



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I have noticed this also on occasions. Personally I find the PQ of Sky c**p. Loads of MPEG artifacts and blockness - in many ways I find terrestrial TV through my VCR (into the composite) better on occasions. Shame about the AR of terrestrial TV though...


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I saw this effect when I was looking to buy the Series 4 Panasonic.

In the end, I bought a series 5, as it supposidly had 10bit (1024shade) capability, as opposed to the 8bit (256shade) operation of the Series 4.

I still see the problem that you describe, but no where near as much as I saw when I demoed the W4.

Its just a side effect of the way that teh Panasonic works.. The series 5 improves on it, but introduces flicker instead (probably caused by the mechanism they used to increase the colour depth!)

So, either way, you can't win.


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Wow, I just described this problem in the DVD Talk section in a discussion with KBDVD.

I only ever see this problem with PAL sources (DVD & PS2 - particularly noticeable on the grass in PES2) with pan shots. All my other sources are true NTSC 480p output (DVD, GC & XBox), and I never see this issue. I think it's because the progressive processing in these devices is much better than that in the panasonic display, which is also having to scale the image with PAL as it can't handle the 576 line image natively.


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Interesting. I didn't realise the series5 had the flicker. See my thread regarding my observations of solarisation on my new 50" series3 (which I think equates to a 42" series4). I don't see how increasing the colour depth to 10bits would cause flicker.
IMHO it's worse with Sky than with DVD and could well be the way that colour information is compressed, although I'm happy for an expert to correct me.
If you have Toy Story2, go to time index 10:49 where Woody is having his nightmare and falling down the lit shaft into the bin. On my screen there is notcieable posterising of the light beam. On a 5 I would guess it's not visible.
Another good test is any new disney film at the opening logo of the Cinderella castle on the pure blue background. The flash of light (magic spell?) can be seen to cause posterising on mine, but the rest of the image looks beautiful.
As I've mentioned before, you'd think some enterprising electronincs genious could increase the video memory on the 3's and 4's with a mod or replacement board. Any takers?


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i have just put up a similar post in the Sky+ joy there either... i used to have a PW4 and a JS box, whilst the effects were there i dont think the PW5 i have now is better at all...worse if anything. I have IXOS scarts going into the box from the Sky+ and did have a high quality Van Damme VGA lead from TMF however i "loaned" it to my brother and am still waiting it back ! i currently use the lead supplied, so dont know how much of a difference, if any, this makes....
What i want to know is, will the addition of a Prog Scan box do anything for the picture quality... i watch a lot of sports on the screen and the digital mess across the field when watching footy is unacceptable ... i have a meridian DVD and when you play a disc on the componant I/P's it looks beautifull ... SW2 on NTSC .. so the panel can cope... but it is getting a rubbish feed so it is doing the best it can ....
Anybody tried these out... i have ordered the PROV...but just caught a glimse of the Brite-View ad at the top of the page and have put the PROV order on hold...


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