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panasonic phd8 black level problem?


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My 42phd8 pana has developed a very irritating problem. When watching program material i.e dvds or freeview channels where black brs are present top and bottom the top bar seem to be affected by the colour of the surrounding image. Most of the time the "black" bar at the top takes on a strong tinge of red pixelation across the screen left to right or sometimes flashing reddish effect. This is really obvious as this should remain black. The bottom bar remains black and stable.

This looks like a fault to me! Any ideas?


You all set up contrast and brightness wise? Any errors here result in blacks being, well, not black. Sounds possible your brightness is set too high?


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Hi Maw,

Birightness and contrast have been set at about -5. maximum I have used is 0 for both. It seems to happen at any level I set it at. Any Ideas?

Is this a fault?

Also I was advised to set gamma at 2.5 but this seems too dark compared to 2.2, whats best?

I forgot to mention I am using a js tch rgb to vga for freeview, could this be effecting the picture? I have tried dvds through this connection and the black bar at the top does get affected with reddish tint with brighter surrounding images but to a much lesser extent.


I recently received this set and although I did not have your exact problem I noticed the black level did adjust itself up and down a couple of notches during films (DVD) and freeview. I have sent it back and await AVSales opinion. I have not noticed any red in my blacks but a fair bit of picture noise over HDMI (seems common on Panny digital inputs). I have set the AGC to off for both sources but it still adjusts itself. I agree with you that 2.5 is too dark.....2.2 looks a lot better and gave a better result on the THX set-up disc. Hope this is of some help.


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Sounds like a fault to me.

I would agree, 2.5 gamma just crushes detail, you can up the brightness to get it back but then it looks washed out in certain scenes, I would leave it at 2.2 and adjust from there.


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if I cant resolve the problem with the flashing red black bar I will have to reluctantly return it. I may get a refund if found to be faulty and not a replacement if possible as I am getting bit bored with plasma issues.

I bought this because I couldn't take my hitachi plasma any more. Will give it a couple of days before contacting the e-tailer.


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I always use 2.5 and was also recommended this by Piers when he calibrated the screens.


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Yeah if you calibrate the screen and go in and adjust some other settings it may well be better, but just doing it by eye or with a calibration disc you may find 2.2 better?

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