Panasonic PF50 Pro Plasma- initial impressions


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Hi Gordon,

I would absolutely love a Lumagen Radiance but my budget would never stretch to one of those, I imagine it would be an amazing combination.

The PF50 is a great TV and produces an amazing clean picture but it just annoys me that the Gamma is not great on it.


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Hi Gordon,

I would absolutely love a Lumagen Radiance but my budget would never stretch to one of those, I imagine it would be an amazing combination.

I think the eeColor box is much cheaper (~£375). I'm not sure if that is a sensible option. If it's a rubbish idea, please let me know, anyone. I'm not really an expert on that device, but some seem to be getting good results with it over on AVS.

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ee color is not the same as lumagen. It is just the cms part....and it's £375 ex vat....the Lumagens allow you to get superior de-interlacing, scaling, sharpness and noise reduction...AND do the cms stuff....and a s/h one is likely to cost you not much more...oh, and the ee colour doesn't support 3D formats I believe...if you just want CMS and 2D video then, if you have calibration tools, an eecolor is a good option.


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OK, here are the two screenshots showing the Standard Cinema mode on the Gamma 2.2 preset and the same setting but with Black Extension on.

As you can see on the standard Cinema Mode the Gamma is low to start (1.9) and never really gets to a respectable level until 50% but with the Black Extension on it starts at approx 2.1 and stays pretty much level all the way through until about 70%. The spikes and dips at the end I think are due to the ABL kicking in but I like to calibrate with window patterns that have some ABL kicking in as it is closest to real world material.

As stated earlier with the Black Extension on +1 the gamma is great but there is black crush so there is a compromise which you have to choose and it also depends on what you are watching. I can add brightness up to near max to get shadow detail back but I think you go full circle and and up back where you started!!

I've now realised that with only basic Calibration controls on offer for this TV it's just a limitation of the PF50, great gamma or washed out low end but full shadow detail. I still love this TV though it is fantastic!


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There is a motion bug on the Panasonic 30 and 50 series (and most likely others) that severely impacts picture and motion clarity, there is only two methods I found to work around the issue

1) Use the VGA cable instead of digital input

2) Use digital input but in 16-bit color mode (requiring you to dither down)

Neither is a perfect solution but at least the first option does not require a software solution such as SMPlayer to dither from RGB888 source down to RGB565, depending on the quality of the cable the picture through VGA could be a little softer but in motion sequences it should be much clearer

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