Panasonic PD30 Service Menu 2


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I have just found a link to access the Panny's second service menu.

Unfortunately the link does not specifically relate to this model and thus the option codes are different, as there are 13 within the PD30 menu....but as i dont know what effect any chances will have I dare not muck about.

However, does anyone out there know what the option codes relate to so I can fiddle away until my hearts content ?

Any assistance would be appreciated...

In the meantime here is the link :-


Looks good, but also looks like you need some equipment and some technical knowledge.

Im too scared (and happy with my picture) :)

I have changed about 4 values in the service menu 1 though.



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One important thing i for got to mention. In the instructions is says go into sub bright to move into service menu 2.

However, this does not work !!

You actually need to go thorough the whole of service menu 1 until you reach SRAM or what ever it is (and whatever it does !?? answers on a post card)

At this point press the suggested button and hey presto your in service menu 2.

Any one with any details as to what I can do from here would be greatly appreciated.

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