Question Panasonic P50VT30 - What's It Worth?


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Hello All,

I am hoping you can advise. I have a Panny P50VT30 in mint condition sitting doing nothing. It comes with everything that was provided at purchase, inc 3D glasses and table top stand.

What would be a fair price to sell this for? A mate is interested in it but if he doesn't buy then I'll likely list on here.

A quick check on eBay doesn't particularly help - in some instances poor condition ones without accessories seem to have gone for more than Excellent ones with accessories!

As always any help would be hugely appreciated.

Sometimes depends where abouts you are in the country too.. easy access to your area from the motorway and if they would have to hire a van for size of tv etc.. as when I sold my krp600 I watched them for a while to get an idea.. tbh eBay take a large cut if paid by PayPal or someone will try knock you down either way.. depends how much you value your tv but at the same time being realistic... I've seen 50vt65 go for around 400 quid but someone was advertising one on eBay for 1800.. which is ridiculous and would get laughed at as you could buy a new oled with 5yr warranty for that... if No rush try an amount a bit above the minimum of What your happy with it. £230 but expect maybe £200.. just do t give it away for next to nothing as there are those still after plasma who still aren't quite ready to go oled..
Good luck with sale..

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