Panasonic P42S30B Freeview HD - £399 Delivered


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Don't think this has been posted but seems to be a good deal.

Have been looking at TVs recently and this seems to get very good reviews so I've taken the plunge and ordered one.

You lot probably know more about TVs than I do but doesn't seem too bad.

£100 cheaper than anywhere else:

Panasonic P42S30B TV £399 Delivered


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Is this really as good as it seems ?

I only ask as have had a question going around in my head for a while :
How can vendors sell goods of same name/type for vastly different prices given that today you and I can do a quick search on ta interweb and find it somewhere else for less?


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Well I can't find it anywhere cheaper so I think it is a pretty good deal. Amazon has excellent customer service too.

I am guessing the vast difference is due in part to economies of scale and the fact that Amazon is purely an internet company and so doesn't have to pay the up-keep costs of retail outlets.

The reason that other smaller companies survive I guess are down to personal preference, many people prefer to go into a physical shop and buy something. And I'm sure a lot of people don't actually look for the best price, they just go to the retailer they know (through reputation, advertising etc.) and order the one that takes their fancy.


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Yes I feel all your points are ones I had in my mind. Guessing personal service / seeing things physically and after sales etc. do pay a part. When it comes down to it your right it's basically 'personal preference / choice'



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1 - 2 months? Are they building it themselves?
I presume they have no stock if its 1 - 2 months.


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it's a steal at this price, just ordered one, although yes says 1 month for delivery? but i'm not moaning at that price plus free delivery! :)
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