Panasonic or Toshiba or Pioneer or JVC


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Just when I thought I was getting close to a decision I talk to someone and look at some other and am totally confused.

My ideal was a Panasonic 37PA20 but I've heard that they aren't as good as the PW6 (size aside). Then I look at the sexy Toshiba 42WP36 and 42WP37.

Now I gather that the 42WP37 is a Panasonic PW6 with some of the input boards. Does it need a tuner box too? as does the PW6 ?

What is the sexy 42WP36 based on?

Anyone got either to share experiences with.

Are the reports founded about the PA20 vs PW6 ? What would be needed as well as the PW6 panel?

Yes it is so great looking and THE plasma to have by the looks of things but is the extra grand worth the outlay. Is it 30% or so better than the others.

and then there's JVC
I love them in their stands but are they much cop compared to the others.

Thanks in advance. And before any one says it I have been through loads of threads and they just confuse me further


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well there was one in What Hifi of course but I spoke to someone at LEConcepts today and he said that they have had lots of problems with installs in perfecting the picture. I know you have one :) and the 37" is my ideal size but want to make sure I get the best for my money. What do you use for a stand for yours G?


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I've got the pedestal stand on top of a tv cabinet I had from argos years ago. I've tried posting a pic on the forum but I can't get it to work.


What is the sexy 42WP36 based on?

Well i bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and can confirm its damn sexy, the picture is brilliant except when displaying dark pictures but that could be just because of how i have it setup. Its got all the conections you will ever need, it weighs a ton so im not sure how stable it would be on a wall. I bought it from for £2500 inc pedestal stand but i think they have put the price up to 2999 now.



I've the JVC 42V31, personnaly I like the design that is a mix between Pana PA20 and Pioneer 434, for the rest image is bright (1000cd) with very good contrast (3000:1) and the DIST system provide very detailled images. A good compromise ...


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