Panasonic or Samsun or LG


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Had some great help here on the speakers forum etc and now need some guides for the new TV.

we are looking for a 50" screen, we are not up till now a great Movie or gaming family, but that may change as we get into the home TV cinema set up...

Buying a set of Kef 2005.3 or hopefully(if budget allows 3005SE's) plus a new AV ( Sony or Onyo probabaly.

They all to play to our new screen.

I know we need a HD ready TV, but am completely lost as to why our family will gain anything by 1080p over other options. However, am willing to spend the bucks to get what works best for us if needed.

Realise that Pioneer gets the top reviews all day, but that would mean dropping budget on the speakers and AV etc... so think Pana, Samsung and LG are my options.

what models should I look at and should avoid any of the above manufacturers?


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If budget wont stretch to the pioneer i would definitely choose panasonic over the other 2. Personally i would rather spend more money and go for the pioneer and get the amp/speakers at a later date.

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